£115 donation from Fenton CP School to help the homeless

Children from Fenton CP School showed their concern and support for the growing homelessness population in Pembrokeshire when they took part in a Hats Off for Homelessness Day on the last day of the Christmas term.

Pupils in Year 5 have also written poems from the perspective of a homeless person, following a visit from Dean Flood, who works for Pembrokeshire Care Society – the county charity fighting homelessness and providing support for those who find themselves without a home.

One of the aspirations of the National Curriculum for Wales is that all learners are ethical and informed citizens and the Year 5 children put this into action through learning about the challenges faced by refugees and those displaced in our community. Dean Flood spoke about how impressed he was by how well-informed the pupils were and by their desire to help others in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire Care Society extended its thanks to all Year 5 pupils, their teachers Mr Vaughan and Miss Halpin and their teaching support staff.

Dean’s talk inspired the whole school to get involved in raising funds to support homeless people – and last week he visited Year 5, together with other representatives from Pembrokeshire Care Society, to receive a cheque for £115.

The children were very interested how the money they raised – by wearing a hat to school on the last day of term – would be spent on providing support, such as shelter or food, for someone without a home of their home.

Pembrokeshire Care Society offers a wide range of services to support anyone who is homeless or at risk of losing their home. It has specific teams who support rough sleepers and who provide a mediation service for both landlords and tenants to ensure tenancies can be maintained.