Generous Donation From Redhill Pupils

Year 9 pupils at Redhill School made a generous donation to help the homelessness problem in Pembrokeshire this week.

Food, hygiene products and clothing was spread across two tables when our Senior Advice and Outreach Worker, Jo Rozblat, paid them a visit to talk about the homelessness problem in the county.

Jo has been spearheading the Rough Sleeper Support Scheme, which is funded by Pembrokeshire County Council, and spoke to the children about how we support people who are rough sleeping and assist them back into accommodation.

There were also a lot of questions for Jo about the causes of homelessness and she explained that anyone can find themselves homeless after a job loss, relationship breakup, or similar struggles.

The items which the children donated will go into our emergency packs which we provide to those who are sleeping rough, and they had a chance to try out the insulated tents that are also included in the packs.

Their teacher, Rachel Clark, was delighted with the session and said to Jo afterwards: “Thank you so much for today! It was an amazing experience for the pupils and they loved it. You gave them so much information to questions that they had been asking me for a while, and ones that I genuinely couldn’t answer. It was also great for them to try to understand what people are going through because it can be very far removed from anything they have seen or known.”