Rough Sleeper Support Scheme launched

Anyone who is rough sleeping can contact Pembrokeshire Care Society on 01437 765335 or

For out of hours response, please contact Pembrokeshire County Council on 01437 764551.

Pembrokeshire Care Society, in partnership with Pembrokeshire County Council, has recently launched the Rough Sleeper Support Scheme to extend the support provided to rough sleepers throughout the county.

As an organisation, we’ve always assisted rough sleepers with essential items like sleeping bags and food vouchers, but this new initiative allows us to take the support even further.

Since September, we’ve been able to work out of business hours, including late night visits, as well as on weekends to provide around-the-clock assistance to those in need.

Working in partnership with Pembrokeshire County Council, Dyfed-Powys Police, Hywel Dda Health Board, Youth Services and The Third Place, the project has already seen hugely positive results.

The goal is to provide long-term support to rough sleepers and to help them regain independence.

This is achieved though the Rough Sleeper Support Plan, which has four main pillars:

Health and wellbeing

Rough sleeping can have serious negative health consequences, so first and foremost we always want to look out for their wellbeing.

From registering them with a local GP and supplying them with vitamins, to collecting prescriptions and making sure they have access to Covid vaccinations, their medical needs are always a top priority.

Personal and community safety

This requires regular communication with the rough sleeper to ensure we know where they are at any given time. With this information, we can keep any family members informed of their current situation, and it also helps us know where we can provide vital items to them.

Because most rough sleepers don’t have access to electricity, part of our service is making sure their phone is always charged so they have the means to contact us, family, or both.

Independence and control

It’s important that rough sleepers take control back of their life and contribute to their plan. Our aim is to provide the assistance they need to take positive steps and always be there for guidance.

Whether it’s helping them with appointments at the job centre or other vital meetings, we work alongside them to keep them on the right track for progress.

Economic progress and financial control

Regaining control of personal finances is one of the biggest challenges for a rough sleeper.

From assistance in claiming benefits, getting to job interviews, or even arranging for lost or stolen cards to be replaced, financial independence is always something we try to assist with as soon as possible.

As always, community engagement is hugely important in our mission, and anyone can help us get vital assistance to rough sleepers.

If you know or see a rough sleeper, get in touch with us with the basic details of where you saw them and a short description. If it’s out of hours, leave us a voicemail or send us an email – all reports are seriously looked in to as a matter of urgency.

If you know any family members of rough sleepers you can also tell them about our services so they can contact us directly.

Alternatively, you can use Street Link (, a national organisation that will pass on any reports of rough sleepers to us and Pembrokeshire County Council. You will receive a follow-up to your report to know what action has been taken to help the person in question.

All clients working with PCS under the Rough Sleeper Outreach Scheme will need to sign and agree to our Confidentiality Policy (Privacy Notice). Learn more: