Staff Event Paints Positive Picture For Future

It’s an exciting time at Pembrokeshire Care Society with several new members of staff joining the team. Some are in brand new roles such as Project Management, Maintenance and Marketing, whilst others are joining our Support and HR teams.

Because the team has expanded so quickly, yesterday afternoon we had a staff day where everyone could get to know each other a little bit better, do some short presentations on what their departments are working on, and talk about plans for the future of the organisation.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, hot drinks and a buffet sweetened the deal!

To make getting to know each other a little more fun, a short quiz included interesting facts about different members of staff.

This included trying to guess which member of staff was scared of chickens after being chased by them as a child and who had won a Commonwealth medal.

From the quiz alone it was clear that we’ve built up a very diverse team!

When the topic of conversation moved away from the fun facts about each other, the staff presentations painted a very positive future for the organisation.

We’re not ready to talk about all of the exciting plans just yet, but we will be very soon!