Pathway Mediation can assist with a variety of Civil and Commercial disputes such as:

  • Commercial / Business
  • Partnership / Shareholder
  • Contractual
  • Debt / Finance / Bankruptcy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insurance
  • Fraud
  • Employment
  • Human Rights
  • Consumer and Small Claims
  • Construction, Engineering and Planning
  • Land and Property
  • Boundary and Trespass
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Environmental
  • Personal Injury
  • Clinical / Professional Negligence
  • Wills and Probate / Trusts
  • Charity
  • Community / Neighbourhood
  • Nuisance
  • Defamation
  • Sport / Society / Club / Organisation
  • Local Government

Mediation can substantially reduce the costs, time and stress involved in dealing with a dispute, with almost all disputes resolved within one mediation session.

If you would like to instruct Pathway Mediation to mediate your dispute, please contact us. If the other participants have not yet agreed to enter into mediation you can download our Template Mediation Invitation Letter to invite the other participant to engage with our service.


Value of Dispute

Half Day (up to 4 hours)

Full Day (up to 6 hours)

Up to £24,999


£400 + VAT

£25,000 - £99,999


£650 + VAT

£100,000 +


£900 + VAT

Prices are per party; each party pays their own costs which are split equally.

Payment must be made in advance of the mediation session.

The value of the dispute is assessed to include the claim, any counterclaim, legal fees incurred so far, and costs incurred so far.

Our Fees include reasonable preparation, up to 6 hours of mediation and 1 month follow up.

If additional mediation sessions are required these will incur additional fees

Venue hire, transport, parking, catering and refreshments are not included but can be arranged at additional cost.


We offer facilitative mediation, meaning we help to resolve the majority of disputes by facilitating a discussion between the participants in a controlled and impartial way. Allowing discussions to take place in mediation can help to avoid the time, cost and stress of a protracted legal dispute. Mediation is a quicker, cheaper and easier way to resolve any dispute versus litigation.

The vast majority of Mediations result in the participants reaching an agreement. Mediation is a flexible process, always confidential and impartial. The Mediator will not advise or judge but will facilitate the process of discussion. The participants have control over the outcome and are far more likely to preserve relationships than with litigation. We handle the process from referral and preparation right through the mediation process and offer a follow up 1 month after mediation.


If you are struggling to pay our fees, please contact us to see if you are eligible for subsidised fees from our conflict resolution service supported by the Nationwide Community Grant.


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