Conflict in the workplace can cost your organisation thousands of pounds in lost productivity, sickness, staff turnover, low morale and dealing with grievances and disciplinary matters. Where issues remain unresolved, this can escalate to dismissal, resignation and Employment Tribunal claims. Add to this the human cost of increased stress, poor mental health and a negative workplace culture and this can really have a substantial effect on any organisation.

This is where Workplace Mediation comes in. Mediation is a powerful tool to help resolve conflict in the workplace before it escalates. The relatively small cost of mediation can save an organisation thousands of pounds in lost revenue and can work to reverse a negative workplace culture and improve morale and productivity. Once the matter is referred to Pathway Mediation, we take care of the rest from preparation to the mediation session and follow up, leaving your organisation free to focus on what you do best.

Pathway Mediation can assist with a variety of workplace conflicts from ‘personality clashes’ to communication issues and resolving misunderstandings and dispersing built up resentment. Workplace Mediation allows a safe and impartial space for colleagues to talk openly to one another to resolve issues. The process is voluntary, and participants must enter into the process willingly.

Each participant has the opportunity to have their say and most importantly to listen. The mediation session is confidential from the employer which often allows the participants to speak more openly and leads to a better resolution for all. Almost all sessions will lead to a recorded agreement between the participants and the working relationship can begin to recover. As a result of mediation the organisation can often benefit from suggested operational improvements and efficiency savings which further adds value to the mediation process.

At Pathway Mediation we always follow up with participants after 1 month to see how the agreement is working and if any changes need to be made to improve how it is working out.

If your organisation could benefit from Workplace Mediation, please contact us today to find out how Pathway Mediation can help.


Full Day (up to 6 hours)

Second Day (up to 6 hours)



The Organisation pays the cost of both parties, depending on the nature of the issues a second day may be required, this will be determined in advance of the mediation session.

Payment must be made in advance of the mediation session.

Our Fees include reasonable preparation, 1 or 2 days of mediation and 1 month follow up.

If additional mediation sessions are required from the follow up these will incur additional fees.

Venue hire, transport, parking, catering and refreshments are not included in the above.  

We offer facilitative mediation, meaning we help to resolve the majority of disputes by facilitating a discussion between the participants in a controlled and impartial way. Allowing discussions to take place in mediation can help to avoid the time, cost and stress of a protracted legal dispute. Mediation is a quicker, cheaper and easier way to resolve any dispute versus litigation.

The vast majority of Mediations result in the participants reaching an agreement. Mediation is a flexible process, always confidential and impartial. The Mediator will not advise or judge but will facilitate the process of discussion. The participants have control over the outcome and are far more likely to preserve relationships than with litigation. We handle the process from referral and preparation right through the mediation process and offer a follow up 1 month after mediation.

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